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  1. Kahlil Gibran: An Illustrated Anthology

    Kahlil Gibran: An Illustrated Anthology

    Rs. 750.00

    Discover the extraordinary and lasting legacy of Kahlil Gibran, bestselling author of the prophet and world-celebrated poet, artist and philosopher. This sumptuous, annotated anthology is filled with the paintings, poetry and prose that have touched the hearts of millions of readers around the world. Learn More
  2. Manorama Entrance Winner - Engineering

    Manorama Entrance Winner - Engineering

    Rs. 795.00

    Covers Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Learn More
  3. Manorama Entrance Winner - Medical

    Manorama Entrance Winner - Medical

    Rs. 795.00

    Covers Physics, Chemistry and Biology. A set of 3 interactive CD ROMS for Windows. Learn More
  4. Matters Of Discretion : An Autobiography

    Matters Of Discretion : An Autobiography

    Rs. 795.00

    The first - ever autobiography written by an Indian prime minister. Inder Kumar Gujral, one of India's most distinguished and respected politicians, has been a witness to history in the making. Having been caught up in the rough and tumble of the politial arena for more that 60 years, Gujral, now int he tenth decade of his life, has 'seen it all'. In this no-holds-barred narrative, he provides rare glimples into important behind-the scenes developments-both at the national and international levels - in which many prominent 'dramatis personae' play pivotal roles. Learn More
  5. How To Change The World

    How To Change The World

    Rs. 795.00

    In the 144 years since Karl Marx’s Das Kapital was published, the doctrine that bears his name has been embraced by millions in the name of equality, and just as dramatically has fallen from grace with the retreat of communism from the western world. But as the free market reaches its extreme limits in the economic and environmental fallout, a reassessment of capitalism’s most vigorous and eloquent enemy has never been more timely. Learn More
  6. Malayala Manorama Speak English

    Malayala Manorama Speak English

    Rs. 799.00

    Look at your skills/ambition, values, creativity and language. English speaking will help you overcome many hurdles. It will help you everyday. It will brighten your life all the way. Be the person you want to be!

    5-in-1 Pack

    • Speak English DVD Video on 100 daily life situations
    • Speak English Interactive CD
    • Booklets on Phonetics, Functional Grammar, Common Errors and Dialogues
    • Oxford Pocket book of Basic English Usage
    • Headphone set with microphone
    Learn More
  7. The World's Religions

    The World's Religions

    Regular Price: Rs. 995.00

    Special Price: Rs. 895.00

    A long established bestselling and highly regarded book on the Lion list is now substantially revised and rewritten with many new articles. Learn More
  8. Gandhi Before India

    Gandhi Before India

    Rs. 899.00

    "One of the world's great minds independent, perhaps the best among India's non fiction writers" - NEW YORK TIMES Learn More
  9. Guinness World Records 2014

    Guinness World Records 2014

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,926.00

    Special Price: Rs. 1,540.00

    More than 1000 new photos fully updated 3D animated pages with the brand new free app! Learn More
  10. The Golden Thread

    The Golden Thread

    Rs. 1,699.00

    The Golden Thread is an enthralling and accessible history of the cultural miracle that is the written word. It is an invention that has been used to share ideas in every field of human endeavor, and a motor of cultural, scientific and political progress. Learn More

Items 409 to 418 of 418 total

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