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    Regular Price: Rs. 1,299.00

    Special Price: Rs. 1,170.00

    The Illustrated Bible is an indispensable retelling of the stories that have absorbed readers for centuries. Written by experts from all denominations, it appeals to everyone and is a perfect reference for the whole family. Learn More
  2.  When Breath Becomes Air

    When Breath Becomes Air

    Rs. 599.00

    This is more than a book about a man who dies. It's a book about a talented neuro surgeon whot ried to understand the meaning of life as het ried to save people but didn't really understand until he was faced with his own death. Yes, it's sad and yes, you will cry but my overwhelming feeling at the end was not of sadness but of joy for reading about a life well lived. Learn More
  3. Traversing Travancore Through the Ages on Coins

    Traversing Travancore Through the Ages on Coins

    Rs. 3,500.00

    This book attempts to identify coins of the erstwhile princely state of Travancore against their historical background and in the course, illustrates coins that have a bearing on Travancore history.In short short, the history of Travancore is glimpsed through coins. Learn More
  4. Freedom Struggle

    Freedom Struggle

    Rs. 105.00

    The book is divided into sections like The Struggle for Swaraj, The Era of Militant Nationalism, The Impact of British Rule, The Achievement of Freedom, and Intimations of Freedom. Learn More
  5. History of Modern India

    History of Modern India

    Rs. 340.00

    History of Modern India presents an authoritative overview of the history of what was known as British India. The text is largely based on the author’s research on nationalism and colonialism in India and also draws from the works of eminent historians of the period. Learn More
  6. Nationalism and Colonialism In Modern India

    Nationalism and Colonialism In Modern India

    Rs. 340.00

    Out of stock

    The essays relate to a variety of themes: the colonial structure in India, the basic strategy of the nationalist leadership, the complex relationship of the capitalist class with colonialism and nationalism, peasantry and nationalism, and the efforts to evolve alternative anti- imperialist strategies. Learn More
  7. Essays On Colonialism

    Essays On Colonialism

    Rs. 395.00

    This book is a collection of eight essays that bring together Bipan Chandra's finest writings on colonialism and nationalism in India, spanning two decades. Learn More
  8. India's Struggle for Independence

    India's Struggle for Independence

    Rs. 350.00

    The book reflects a coherent narrative as it incorporates the existing historiographical advances and yet provides an utterly new and clear view of this period in Indian history. Learn More
  9. India Since Independence

    India Since Independence

    Rs. 450.00

    The book includes chapters like The Initial Years, The Colonial Legacy, Foreign Policy: The Nehru Era, The Rajiv Years, Agriculture Growth and the Green Revolution. The book has 41 chapters in total. Learn More
  10. A Short History of the Communist Party of India

    A Short History of the Communist Party of India

    Rs. 65.00

    The short but succinct account of the Party (Communist party of India) written by Shri. N.E. Balaram, a prominent leader who had held several important positions in the Party, is a critical evaluation of the past in order to draw proper lessons for the future...... a useful guide to the activists as well as to the general readers. Learn More
  11. The Malabar Muslims

    The Malabar Muslims

    Regular Price: Rs. 595.00

    Special Price: Rs. 450.00

    The Muslims of kerala, primarily in the northern region of the state called Malabar, are referred to as Mappillas. This book is a study of the social and institutional changes of the Malabar Muslims during the colonial period. The book would be of interest to academics, researchers and graduate students of South Asian History and Sociology. NGOs working on the social welfare of minirities and general readers interested in the Islamic community of the west coast of India will find this book useful. Learn More
  12. Pakistan: A Hard Country

    Pakistan: A Hard Country

    Regular Price: Rs. 599.00

    Special Price: Rs. 540.00

    This work is based on a profound and sophisticated analysis of Pakistan's history and its social, religious and political structures. Lieven has interviewed hundreds of Pakistanis at every level of society, from leading politicians and soldiers to village mullahs and rickshaw drivers. In particular, his examination of the roots of popular sympathy for the Taleban in Pakistan draws on the testimony of people whose views are rarely consulted by Western analysts. Learn More

Items 1 to 12 of 20 total

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